Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Article on Small Manufacturing Needs

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I'd be curious to know what any of you readers might think about this article. It's pretty close to why MISys developed SBM (Small Business Manufacturing) so when we at MISys read something like this, it is very encouraging.

If any of you would like to view our streaming video on MISys SBM please let me know at
We thought it might be fun (and MISys is always looking for fun) and educational to initiate a blog on manufacturing in general from the perspective of our company, MISys Manufacturing Information Systems. Our web site at has a lot of resources for technical information, including our community forums, but a blog is more casual and the posts will be intitiated by MISys staff. MISys users, business partners, consultants, those considering MISys, and any interested parties are all welcome to read and add comment as the spirit moves them. We hope it will be fun and lively. Having spoken with many MISys customers, potential customers and business partners over time, I know it is a diverse intriguing group with great humor and insight. If we can capture some of that on this blog, we'll have accomplished our objective!