Wednesday, November 28, 2012

C. Return it and get what you need!

Buyer's remorse can be more than just a sense of regret.  Sometimes you bought the wrong product.  The question is this:  what are you going to do about it?

You have some choices:

a) Suffer through it.  A couple of years ago I got a great deal on running shoes out of the bargain box at a local sporting goods store.  They were a little tight - about a 1/2 size too small - but I thought they were okay.  The next day I entered a half marathon running race with my new shoes and at mile 4 I began to suffer.  I kept going.  At mile 10 the pain was so bad I had to stop.  In the next two weeks I lost the toe nails on four of my toes.  Bad idea.  

b)  Put it on the shelf but get the right product.  With a pair of shoes, especially ones from a bargain box, the investment is low enough so it is not too painful to just keep them and get the ones you need.  But would you do that with a car purchase?  Probably not.  Would you do that with a software purchase?  You might.  But it is a bad idea as well. 

c)  Return it and get what you need.  Good idea.  MISys created a money back guarantee, recognizing that customers sometimes buy the wrong software.  We work really, really hard to make sure that the software is the right fit and that it solves the pain points of the customer by giving numerous demos, free trial copies of the software before the purchase and a multitude of videos and a SureStart coach to help get started.  But sometimes it still doesn't meet the needs of the client.  We get it.  That is why we have the 60 day money back guarantee. 

Recently MISys launched a trade-in program for manufacturers who purchased Fishbowl Inventory software but found it missing some critical elements for manufacturing.  Don't get me wrong, we think that Fishbowl is a great software solution for distributors and wholesalers.  But we do believe that it is the wrong product for a manufacturer with more complex needs.  So...we are offering a trade in for the amount of funds paid for Fishbowl Inventory software towards the purchase of the right configuration of software modules and user licenses of MISys Manufacturing software.   Cool, huh?

The answer is C.  Return it and get what you need.  That is the right choice.

And don't enter a half marathon with shoes that are too small.  It is painful...

Charlie Kimbell
VP, Sales and Marketing

Monday, October 22, 2012

MISys Launches Easy Purchasing App for QuickBooks Users

MISys Automates Inventory Purchases for QuickBooks through MISys Easy Purchasing App

Woodstock, VT
October 22, 2012

Software developer, MISys, Inc., today launched MISys Easy Purchasing, a desk-top application for QuickBooks users. The product automates inventory purchases for manufacturers and wholesalers, saving companies time and reducing inventory levels.  MISys Easy Purchasing is sold on a monthly subscription basis for $20 per month.

"We are really excited to offer this new software application," said Dave Brown, CEO and co-founder of MISys, Inc. "We have worked with Intuit for 7 years, providing a comprehensive add-on application to QuickBooks for manufacturers to plan production, manage inventory, purchase materials and track costs. MISys Easy Purchasing utilizes a piece of that software, extending the purchasing function to wholesalers as well.  It will save customers time and money - always a good thing."

About MISys Easy Purchasing

MISys Easy Purchasing scans the data in QuickBooks for existing inventory levels, Purchase Orders, and Sales Orders, then creates Purchase Orders in QuickBooks for materials needed to satisfy the sales orders. By using the application, customers are able to save time by automating purchase orders with preferred vendors. Customers are also able to reduce inventory levels by buying only what they need when they need it.

For more information about MISys Easy Purchasing, visit the website at

Friday, September 28, 2012

Expertech South Africa to Promote MISys Manufacturing in southern Africa

Bernard Ford, Expertech CEO, adds the manufacturing software to a portfolio of products that integrate with Sage 300 ERP Accounting software.

“We are very fortunate to be working with Bernard Ford at Expertech,” said Dave Brown, CEO and President of MISys. “He has extensive experience selling and servicing Sage accounting products in South Africa and the bordering countries. We are confident that he will be effective promoting MISys Manufacturing software to Value Added Resellers and end users. ”

“I have known MISys for more than 15 years,” said Ford, “and appreciate how the software gives Accpac, now Sage 300, users a very strong manufacturing system tied into their existing accounting system. I believe there are some real opportunities for MISys in the market and I hope to reach the largely small and medium sized businesses in the region requiring powerful yet simple-to-operate manufacturing software.”

About Manufacturing Information Systems:
MISys has been a leader in the manufacturing software industry for more than 25 years. MISys Manufacturing is the current version of its software, first released in 2006 as MISys SBM, version 6.0 was released in September of 2012. MISys is an Endorsed Development Partner with Sage Software, the developer of Sage 300 ERP (Accpac), Sage 50 US (fka Peachtree) and Sage 50 CA (formerly Simply Accounting). Intuit, the publisher of QuickBooks, has recognized MISys as a gold development partner. MISys software products have been sold and serviced in South Africa by Sage Softline. A privately held corporation headquartered in Woodstock, Vermont, MISys has more than 7,500+ customers worldwide. Visit MISys online at

About Expertech Pty:
Expertech was founded by Bernard Ford in 2011 to promote third party software applications to channel partners for Sage software products in the South African region. Bernard has more than 20 years of experience in business applications, accounting and ERP software in the mid-tier market across all industry types. He previously worked for Sage software resellers in sales and marketing roles at Softline Lorge, Acctech Systems and Sage Softline. In addition to MISys Manufacturing, Expertech markets Orchid Systems, Systronics, Orion Digital Integration and others.

Learn more about MISys Manufacturing software. Visit

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MISys Manufacturing Software Version 6.0 | FAQs

(Used with permission. This content created by Sean Fitzsimmons of Central Nervous Systems - an experienced MISys Implementation Partner).

Today, MISys announced the release of the next major version of MISys Manufacturing - MISys 6.0. I am writing to let you know what this means for your business, in the form of a Q&A list as follows:

Question: How is this different from a minor patch?
Answer: A minor patch (i.e. upgrading from to is a small modification to the program in the existing folder on your server. A major release, on the other hand, is a completely new installation of the program, in different folders, on your server.

Question: How is the upgrade process different?
Answer: Instead of logging into the administration module (on the server) and pressing the upgrade button, we have to download an executable file and follow a 15 step process to ensure that the system installs properly.

Question: Do I need Central Nervous System's help doing this, or can I attempt the upgrade on my own?
Answer: You are completely free to try the major upgrade on your own - please don't think you are not. We just know that many customers will want assistance because they are uncomfortable with the idea of coping with a manufacturing system that doesn't work should anything go wrong. Should you choose to include us, our process involves upgrading your system on a test server (that we bring with us to your office) to ensure that the upgrade processes properly before doing the upgrade on your operational server.

Question: How many hours will Central Nervous Systems bill to come on-site to upgrade my MISys installation?
Answer: Central Nervous Systems staff - Paul, Nigel and Nick - have already been testing the upgrade process. We anticipate it will take between 3 to 5 hours to complete the upgrade at client sites.

Question: What's in it for me, the MISys customer?
Answer: There are a lot good reasons to upgrade to MISys 6.0. For one, there are dozens of improvements to the code to consolidate previous updates and streamline the integration with different accounting programs. Secondly, MISys has added a bunch of new features and fixed some annoying bugs. You can see the full list on the MISys 6.0 landing page at the following link:


But the feature that we think people are going to be most excited about is the MISys Query Report Designer. This will give you the ability to quickly create new, custom reports without any prior training. MISys corporate has a video uploaded on their website that gives you a preview of what it is like. MISys Query does NOT replace the standard reports in MISys Manufacturing. You are still able to modify existing MISys reports or create new reports using Crystal Reports.

Sean Fitzsimmons, Partner
O: (604) 602-4375
C: (604) 990-0082

Monday, July 02, 2012

Back from Scaling New Heights

Back from Scaling New Heights

The MISys Guys have recently returned from Nashville where we participated in the Scaling New Heights Conference and Exhibition.

SNH turned out to be an excellent opportunity to connect with QuickBooks consultants who wish to push their practices to more profitable market segments. Visitors to the MISys Booth will soon be receiving more information about the MISys Manufacturing System for QuickBooks.

Next month (August 2012) we will return to Nashville for the Sage Summit Conference where MISys will exhibit our manufacturing solutions for Sage Peachtree, Sage Simply, and Sage Accpac accounting.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MISys Up and Running at Scaling New Heights

MISys Manufacturing is organizing an informal 5k fun run/walk in East Nashville during the Scaling New Heights conference. The run is Monday, June 18th at 6am.

To participate, meet in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel at 5:45am to get a ride to the start point/end point at the Bongo East Java coffee shop at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville. This is 2.7 miles from the hotel.

Check out the 5k route suggested by the East Nasty Running Club:

To make sure we have enough seats in the van/bus, send an email indicating you are going to participate to with the message SIGN ME UP FOR THE EAST NASTY 5K!

What does this have to do with manufacturing software?  Remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  The run is for fun while at the conference.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Custom Mobile Alerts in MISys Manufacturing

One of my customers wondered how the sales and/or shipping staff would know when an order had been completed in MISys and transferred to Sage 50 Quantum Accounting (formerly Sage Peachtree Quantum). This would apply, of course, to a Make-to-Order scenario where there is a specific sales order linked to each production order (either Work Order or Mfg Order).

So I created a Sales Order in Sage 50 and did a “Process Sales Orders” transaction which brought in the details of the SO:

Notice there are several details captured automatically: the item required (I50), the quantity (200), the customer name (xyz), the sales order # (1179) and the ship date (5/29/2012). No data entry required at all.

I’ll skip through the building of the 200 but at the point we have built it we’re ready to transfer the 200 units to Sage 50. I have already created a Custom Alert called Sales Transfer Notification, and included a mobile alert with an e-mail (or e-mails) to people in shipping/sales. The alert criteria looks like this, but of course it could be further tweaked:

You might want to limit it to active MOs only, not closed, or within the last week, or whatever -- you don’t want a long long list of every sales transfer you ever made, so make it relevant to the needs of the shipping/sales folks. I do the transfer from within the MO and my custom alert shows me this:

And I also get an e-mail, which is key since I, in the shipping department, am not a MISys user, ever, and that e-mail says:

You might note that the Sales Order # did not come over in the e-mail, but the customer name and ship date did. That’s a little tweak we can solve, but even with just this information we in shipping now know that 
  1. finished goods were delivered into Sage 50 
  2. who the customer is 
  3. what day the goods need to be shipped by 
  4. what the goods are and 
  5. how many.

We love custom alerts and mobile alerts, and you should too! 

Posted by Michael Byrne on behalf of
Al Alessi
MISys Sales

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