Monday, January 16, 2012

Best-In-Breed works for Ski Racing Equipment and for Software Solutions

As a former alpine ski racer, I used to mix and match my equipment depending upon the best skis, best bindings, and best boots. Rarely were they the same brand. It worked pretty well. Now, the biggest ski manufacturers own boot and binding brands, so a ski racer will get one brand for all equipment – mostly because of price incentives. It certainly makes it easier as a buyer, but the components are rarely the best in their class. Going with one brand might be a compromise.

The same holds true for software. I often hear about customers wanting “all-in-one,” “end-to-end” ERP systems because they are easier to manage than a group of best-in-breed applications. In theory that is true. But in reality is is not. And, those complete ERP systems rarely perform the best in all areas.

Here are some advantages of going with a “best-in-breed” approach for ski racing equipment and software:

1. Better performance: Just like alpine race equipment, you want the best solutions in the areas most important to you. And you don’t care if the equipment is good at something you will never use it for (like ballet skiing). Settling for one system that is bloated or weak in one area will only hurt your results.

2. Lower Start Up Costs. Best-in-breed solutions have small, bite-size pieces to get up and running rather than implementing a behemoth that reaches into every corner of the organization. In skiing, you can add equipment as you need it instead of buying it all at once.

3. More flexibility. Hey, if the boots aren’t working for you, find another pair that will. If you are locked into a specific brand, you are really limited in what you can choose. Same thing with software.

4. The solution fits you: Imagine that you purchased equipment that required you to change everything about the way you skied. You wouldn’t do that. There are some things you want to change in order to get better, but not everything. Many all-in-one systems require you to substantially change your behavior to fit the system. Yuck. Best-in-breed enables you to laser in on the things that you need to change, while leaving the rest alone. Yea.

What does this have to do with MISys Manufacturing? Everything. MISys leverages the “best-in-breed” approach, focusing on the things most important to a manufacturer: Better performance, lower start up costs, more flexibility and a solution that fits your organization.

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