Monday, August 31, 2009

Compatibility with Quantum 2010
Since MISys SBM became the key manufacturing component of Sage Peachtree Quantum a few months ago, we've been working on upgrades to MISys SBM so that the product would be fully compatible with the recently released Quantum 2010.

We are happy to report that, with the release of version 4.0, MISys SBM is now seamlessly compatible with both Quantum 2009 and Quantum 2010.

Read the official press release here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

MISys SBM 4.0 Just Released!

Just a few hours ago, MISys released version 4.0 of its Small Business Manufacturing System.

Read the official press release here.

Those of you who have logged in to MISys SBM no doubt received an invitation to upgrade to version 4.0. We hope you will upgrade soon. It isn't difficult to make the switch to v4.0. You can click here to read the Upgrade Instructions right now.
In case you're wondering whether the upgrade is worth the cost, let us remind you that EVERY licensed MISys SBM users gets the new version free of charge. So, if it doesn't cost anything, why not do it? There are lots of cool new features -- click here to read What's New In MISys SBM v4.0.

New Shop Floor Control Module

Introduced with MISys Small Business Manufacturing version 4.0 is a new Shop Floor Control module that puts a cap on the terrific range of functionality available to manufacturing firms using Sage, Intuit, and Microsoft accounting software.

Shop Floor Control was patterned after MISys SAE Level 3, but taking advantage of the Microsoft .NET-based capabilities now available to us. Users and business partners who have seen a preview of the new Shop Floor Control module have called it "Level 3 on steroids." Well, we can assure you that no steroids were used and no animals were harmed in the creation of MISys SBM Shop Floor Control, but we really did push the envelope to do many of the things we dreamed about in MISys SAE Level 3. It is an amazing product!

You can read more about Shop Floor Control online at or print a detailed fact sheet from our documents library.

If you currently use MISys SBM, the new functionality is fully enabled for Sample Company, Inc. (the sample database). Upgrade to version 4.0 and give it a spin. (Hint: have a close look at the Bill of Materials for item R50.)

If you're not currently a MISys SBM user, you can download a free trial copy here.

Free MISys SBM 4.0 - SFC Webinar

Register for a free webinar introducing the basics of the new Shop Floor Control module for MISys SBM version 4.0.

We'll have a close look at Tools, Work Centers, Shifts, Routings, and Bills of Manufacturing. When we're done, you'll have a good insight into the many benefits of this remarkable new module.

Join us on September 22 @ 2:00pm EDT

Friday, August 21, 2009

Get a sneak preview of what the new Shop Floor Control module for MISys SBM does by clicking here:
Stay posted to our blog and web site for the release of this new addtion to the MISys manufacturing system, coming very soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MISys SBM Now Available Internationally
Beginning August 1st, MISys SBM is now available to manufacturers outside North American. For the last 20 years MISys has been the Accpac manufacturing software of choice in Australia, Asia, India, Africa, the United Kingdom, and parts of western Europe. Since we released MISys SBM a few years ago, fully integrated with QuickBooks and a number of Sage accounting products, we have been going slow, developing confidence in the reliability of the product, and testing the product in selected markets. With a good chunk of inquiries coming from manufacturers outside the US and Canada, we are now ready to respond to them with a product that is proven to be reliable, cost effective, and an appropriate solution for small- to medium-sized firms.

That said, MISys SBM does NOT work with non-US versions of famous accounting products (where, sometimes, a brand name is licensed to a local software developer) and MISys SBM can only be guaranteed to work with US versions of the Windows OS and MS SQL database engine. Also, since our support technicians sleep when others are awake, and they are limited to their ability speak foreign languages, there are some restrictions regarding technical support.

MISys SBM is now running successfully in some very-far-away parts of the world. If you'd like to give it a try in your plant, you can download a free trial copy to install today! .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MISys SBM Survey Results

Our recent surveys of the MISys community have yielded some interesting and valuable results. Looking at the end user surveys, we're seeing three types of responses: 1) suggestions that we do things we already do, 2) suggestions that we do the impossible, and 3) suggestions that we do some really dumb things.

The first group illustrates that we need to do a better job communicating the many features of the MISys software, encouraging users to take advantage of our online training, and urging them to attend our weekly User Group meetings were perceived shortcomings are discussed. For example, if you think it would be nice if MISys SBM integrated with Accpac, or you wish you could have a hard-copy of the MISys User Guide, make it your business to take advantage of the educational benefits available to you.

Suggestions for the impossible are also valuable to us because, even though we can't provide the exact solution as described, it tells us there is a problem out there that needs attention. Lots of times we can answer "We can't do exactly that, but what if... Would that be OK?" So even the most off-the-wall suggestions sometimes spur us to make meaningful improvements to the product.

The "really dumb" category reflects less on our users' intelligence and much more on their ability to extend their personal (somewhat limited) view of manufacturing to the larger world of manufacturing. Over the years we've learned that good programmers build reliable programs -- but GREAT programmers build programs that prevent people from doing dumb things. So the final category of suggestions can most often be answered "That may sound good, but if we allowed that, you could cause really bad things to happen."

Overall, all feedback is valuable to MISys because it helps us better understand how our customers are engaging our company. We're committed to being the best software company you've ever dealt with. To succeed in this mission, we need to hear from you. If we aren't currently running an online survey, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service department at 802/457-4600, or even our company president Dave Brown, whose direct extension is 232. Dave is passionate about understanding the needs of our customers and partners. You'll find he's always attentive to your concerns.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dateline Woodstock
Several months ago, we wrote to you about Jacob Hammond and his brother Jeb who have been discussing ways to reduce the cost of air travel. It may interest you to know that the Hammond boys have decided to join forces and start their own airline. Their inspiration came from a television show on The Discovery Channel describing the vast supply of military aircraft languishing in the desert just outside Phoenix, Arizona. According to the plan, JJ Air (as they plan to call their new venture) will employ a fleet of planes utilizing state-of-the-art US Defense Department technology, thus rendering them -- and this is a critical element to the plan -- invisible to radar. Jake and Jeb figure a stealth airline can perform in ways not even industry-leader Southwest can match. Speaking from a upturned apple crate at Woodstock's Squat and Gobble (our local eatery) Jeb explained that the big problem with commercial aviation today is that conventional planes! can be detected by Air Traffic Control, which if you have watched CBS Sixty Minutes you know is run by severely overstressed people sitting in gloomy rooms drinking coffee from Styrofoam cups and staring at little radar dots. Naturally, air traffic controllers get grumpy, which is why they routinely order the daily Burlington VT to Boston MA flight to circle Mexico City just out of spite. They won't be able to do that stuff with JJ Air. They won't even be aware that a JJ Air flight is in the vicinity until one comes screaming past the control tower at Mach 2, requesting an emergency landing. Jake and Jeb plan to remove the restrooms from each plane to make room for an expanded wet-bar, so they figure that over 93% of all JJ Air flights will require an emergency landing. According to their initial press release, the details of the new air service will be revealed on CNN's Larry King Live show, or in case of a scheduling conflict with the next Michael Jackson Special, Woodstock Community Cablevision. If you can't catch WCC on your cable TV system, let us know and we'll report the results to you in a future issue.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Printing MISys User Manuals
In our recent user surveys, we've spotted a common theme indicating that more than a few users of our software are not aware that they can print the documentation for their own internal use. Now, mind you, that a printed manual can't be searched electronically the way the hypertext-based User Guide can, but we suppose it is possible that some MISys users want to curl up in bed with a few thousand pages explaining how to create and use a master production schedule among other things.

Start by opening the User Guide (click on Help Contents while you are running the program) then click the Print button. Following the instructions, you'll discover you can print and individual topic, or an entire chapter.

If you want to try it out, experiment by printing the Theory of Operation. In case you haven't already read this chapter, we think you'll find it a valuable overview of what the system does and how you use it.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

MISys SBM 30-day Trial (Not!)

Rumor has it that a 30-day trial copy of MISys SBM can be downloaded from the MISys web site. Actually, that's a half-truth.

Fact is, a fully functional copy of MISys SBM can indeed be downloaded from the MISys web site. Contrary to popular belief, the Trial Copy is not limited to 30 days.

Maybe it's because so many other software companies of trial copies that implode after 30 days, people think that the MISys SBM trial must be the same.

Anyone who wants to have a look at MISys SBM (especially someone who wants to compare it to MISys SAE) is welcome to download the software and install it on their PC free of charge. The Trial Copy is limited to a single user and can only accommodate 100 inventory items but otherwise, it's the real deal. And it won't expire after 30 days!

If you've been reading this column all these many months and getting just a tiny bit curious about MISys SBM, why not download a copy today? Just click here to get the ball rolling.