Friday, March 03, 2006

Well folks, it's finally here! SBM has arrived!

And I've got all kinds of links for you. You can get a very quick overview by going to with xxx being the accounting package of your choice. You can put in Quickbooks, SBA, Adagio or Simply, and it will open up a quick streaming video for you.

Now for more depth please go to
and select Free Streaming Video. As you fill in the information requested, you'll have an opportunity to select a specific accounting package, or select none if you're not sure.

Also, from the same page you can download a Trial Copy of the product. It's the complete SBM with limits on the number of items/BOMs etc. We've placed a $10 fee on the download just to eliminate unserious downloads, but if you contact me first at or 802-457-4600 x228 I'll provide you the code needed to download the Trial.

Finally, every Thursday we host an on-line Open House at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time. This is hosted by Dave Brown, company president and a central player in the development of the product. Here is where you can view live product and ask any questions you might have, like show me how to create a BOM revision. And we offer outstanding virtual food, plus very cute anime hostesses. Don't miss it!

We're anxious for the world to see our exciting new product, so don't delay. It's available for your business today!