Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MISys SAE 5.5 Released. The much anticipated MISys Manufacturing for Sage Accpac ERP (aka MISys SAE) version 5.5 was released to all Business Partners and Upgrade Subscription Plan holders last week. If you have a current Upgrade Subscription Plan, you can claim your FREE upgrade to MISys SAE version 5.5 by visiting the MISys website. By filling out and submitting the upgrade request form there, you can speed the process of downloading and installing the new software. A list of the new features in MISys SAE version 5.5 is also posted there – make sure you check it out! If you are running and older version of MISys SAE, you can still benefit from upgrading right away. Since the release of your software, many existing features have been improved and new features added. Check the MISys web site for your upgrade options and costs. Then consult with your MISys Business Partner to set up a plan for getting your entire MISys/Accpac system up to date.

New MISys SAE Stock Movement Function. Over the years, one of the most often requested features for MISys SAE has been the ability to track changes in inventory over some designated period in time. We are pleased to announce that a new function in MISys SAE version 5.5 allows you to take a “snap-shot” of your inventory – manually at any time you choose, or automatically whenever you perform a fiscal period end. Multiple snap-shots (taken manually or automatically) form the basis for an informative Stock Movement Report.
Peachtree Manufacturing. In the United States, Peachtree Accounting enjoys a great reputation as an industrial-strength accounting system with all the core accounting modules a small- to mid-sized business could need -- unless you were involved in manufacturing. Until now, core functionality required in a manufacturing environment has been largely missing from the standard Peachtree product. MISys Small Business Manufacturing version 3.0 now offers seamless integration with Peachtree Accounting, turning Peachtree into an industrial-strength manufacturing system. You can learn all about the MISys manufacturing solution for Peachtree by visiting the MISys website and requesting the demonstration video.

MISys SBM Labor Tracker. Ever since the release of MISys SAE v5.5 and MISys SBM 3.0 earlier this Fall, the MISys engineers have been working diligently on a new add-on for MISys SBM designed to capture actual labor hours and post them to selected Jobs and Manufacturing Orders. When released, Labor Tracker will be available as an extra-cost ($500) option for MISys SBM 3.0. Labor Tracker can be installed on any PC (or multiple PCs) where actual labor capture is required. Labor Tracker communicates directly with the MISys SBM Server module and does not require that the MISys SBM Client module be installed on that same computer. MISys SBM users should watch their InfoCenter starting early next month (yikes, that just a couple of weeks away!) for instructions on how to order Labor Tracker.

MISys Holiday Schedule. Please note that the MISys offices (including Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support) will be closed on Thursday, November 27, in observance of Thanksgiving Day. We will also be closed on Friday, November 28, in observance of Turkey Sandwich Day. We will look forward to serving you again on Monday, December 1, fed and well-rested.

MISys SAE User Group Meeting. This week's MISys SAE User Group Meeting will convene on-line this Thursday at 1:30pm Eastern. There is no charge for this meeting, but you must pre-register by contacting MISys Customer Service at 802/457-4600 for the required password.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Does MISys SBM Outshine MISys SAE? Since announcing the integration of MISys SBM with Sage Accpac ERP last summer, we’ve received a flood of inquiries asking if MISys SBM is “better” than our flagship product MISys for Sage Accpac ERP (MISys SAE).

First, let us be clear, for about 20% of our users, MISys SBM is definitely not better, mainly because the shop floor control functions of MISys SAE Level 3 don’t exist in MISys SBM.

On the other hand, the MISys SBM database has been optimized to perform extremely fast MPS/MRP calculations, so a job that took hours in MISys SAE is accomplished in just minutes in MISys SBM. That’s a huge benefit!

Furthermore, MISys SBM displays its purchasing, production, and master schedules in easy-to-understand and manipulate Gantt charts which just can’t be produced in MISys SAE.

Finally, MISys SBM can be a less expensive solution because it does not require multiple (and relatively expensive) Accpac LanPaks for multi-user operation. Instead, MISys SBM uses just one LanPak to gain access to critical information in the Accpac ERP database.

Sleeter Accounting Software Consulting Conference. On November 10th the MISys Guys are headed off to Phoenix to attend the 5th annual Accounting Software Consulting Conference hosted by The Sleeter Group.

Sleeter is best known for its training and consulting for QuickBooks, but this year representatives from Microsoft and Sage Software have been admitted to this popular conference.

Since MISys SBM integrates with all these products (actually, 3 different Sage products!) this is an incredible opportunity to meet with consultants who are building their practices by recommending right-sized business management solutions for their clients.