Wednesday, November 28, 2012

C. Return it and get what you need!

Buyer's remorse can be more than just a sense of regret.  Sometimes you bought the wrong product.  The question is this:  what are you going to do about it?

You have some choices:

a) Suffer through it.  A couple of years ago I got a great deal on running shoes out of the bargain box at a local sporting goods store.  They were a little tight - about a 1/2 size too small - but I thought they were okay.  The next day I entered a half marathon running race with my new shoes and at mile 4 I began to suffer.  I kept going.  At mile 10 the pain was so bad I had to stop.  In the next two weeks I lost the toe nails on four of my toes.  Bad idea.  

b)  Put it on the shelf but get the right product.  With a pair of shoes, especially ones from a bargain box, the investment is low enough so it is not too painful to just keep them and get the ones you need.  But would you do that with a car purchase?  Probably not.  Would you do that with a software purchase?  You might.  But it is a bad idea as well. 

c)  Return it and get what you need.  Good idea.  MISys created a money back guarantee, recognizing that customers sometimes buy the wrong software.  We work really, really hard to make sure that the software is the right fit and that it solves the pain points of the customer by giving numerous demos, free trial copies of the software before the purchase and a multitude of videos and a SureStart coach to help get started.  But sometimes it still doesn't meet the needs of the client.  We get it.  That is why we have the 60 day money back guarantee. 

Recently MISys launched a trade-in program for manufacturers who purchased Fishbowl Inventory software but found it missing some critical elements for manufacturing.  Don't get me wrong, we think that Fishbowl is a great software solution for distributors and wholesalers.  But we do believe that it is the wrong product for a manufacturer with more complex needs.  So...we are offering a trade in for the amount of funds paid for Fishbowl Inventory software towards the purchase of the right configuration of software modules and user licenses of MISys Manufacturing software.   Cool, huh?

The answer is C.  Return it and get what you need.  That is the right choice.

And don't enter a half marathon with shoes that are too small.  It is painful...

Charlie Kimbell
VP, Sales and Marketing