Monday, September 29, 2008

MISys Training for Sleeter Consultants - If you are a Sleeter Consultant you can now sign up for the MISys Basic Operations training on October 20 & 21 for just $99. Normally $500 it's a heck of a savings. Seats are limited so if you are interested go to: and click on the Sleeter Group logo in the upper right hand side of the web page.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MISys Readies MISys SBM Version 3.0. As we write, the MISys engineers are putting the final touches on the latest version of MISys Small Business Manufacturing which they expect to release before the week is out. Every existing user of MISys SBM will receive the upgrade to version 3.0 free of charge.

One of the major features of this new release is its seamless integration with three Sage products: Simply Accounting, Peachtree Accounting, and Accpac ERP. There are four points of integration between MISys SBM and these popular accounting products:

1) Sales Orders are read and used to plan purchasing and production activities.

2) Finished goods can be transferred back and forth between the manufacturing inventory and the distribution inventory as needed.

3) Invoicing of Purchase Orders created in MISys SBM produces the appropriate entries in Accounts Payable.

4) Journal entries resulting from stock transfers, purchasing, and production activities are transferred to the General Ledger.

MISys SBM Advanced Production. There are just a couple of seats left for the MISys SBM Advanced Production workshop which begins Thursday (September 25) at 1:00 Eastern time. To learn everything you need to know the capabilities of Manufacturing Orders in MISys SBM, there still may be time to register online if you hurry.

Month-to-month Priority Support. Blame the full moon, but last week we received two requests from users who wanted to purchase a Priority Support contract for just a few months. "I don't need support for a whole year, just for a few months while I get familiar with the product" wrote one user. Perhaps we don't promote it as well as we should, but Priority Support on a month-to-month basis has been available for several years. The good part is that you can purchase support for just a month or two, then drop it whenever you feel confident to go on your own. For more information about this valuable service, contact MISys Customer Support at 802/457-4600.
MISys SAE User Group Meeting. This week's MISys SAE User Group Meeting will convene on-line this Thursday at 1:30pm Eastern. There is no charge for this meeting, but you must pre-register by contacting MISys Customer Service at 802/457-4600 for the required password.
Dateline Woodstock:

Following the arrival of Fall and the first few frosty nights here in Woodstock, the maple trees high up on the mountain have taken on a rosy blush and the tour busses have begun to pile up by the side of the road leading to MISys World Headquarters. You know the tourists have arrived because very few locals do their shopping on Main Street wearing those festive tags that read "Hello. My name is ..." Woodchucks (the people who call Woodstock home) appreciate the economic benefit the tourists bring to our town, but every year at this time we have to shift our lifestyles considerably to accommodate them. Forget visiting the Post Office, the Woodstock Bank, the Woodstock Apothecary, the Woodstock Book Store, the Woodstock Mercantile, or any other establishment in the downtown area after 9 in the morning. Until 5pm or so, you'd best not try to drive through Woodstock because apparently the best place to watch the glow of maple trees up on Woodstock Mountain is from the middle of the crosswalk on Main Street. "Isn't that a sight, Marge..." is often heard as a line of traffic backs up just east to the crossing. In just a few short weeks, the leaves will be down, the tour busses will have returned to the Big City with their loads, and Woodchucks will be able to settle in for a few weeks of solitude before the first snows up on Woodstock Mountain lure the tour busses full of excited skiers back to our town.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back from the wilds of Dallas

The MISys guys made the excursion to downtown Dallas for the 3rd annual QuickBooks Enterpise Users Conference. The trade show and conference lasted three long days. MISys SBM for QuickBooks was on display in the MISys booth and we spoke with many of our business partners and QuickBooks Enterprise users who were manfacturers. We were talked out at the end of the conference but enjoyed speaking with our customers and future customers. As hurricane Ike thrashed the Texas coast we all snuck away heading back north to avoid the rain and wind. It was just in time too as the rain and wind seemed to follow us to the airport.

Intuit showcased new products to add to the QuickBooks Enterprise Suite and discussed their new marketing strategy of Softare as a Service (SaaS). It's going to be an exciting finish to 2008 and well into 2009 to see the new products roll out for customers who wished to have hosted applications. MISys SBM can be used as a SaaS application now for our customers who wish to have the product accessable through the internet to multiple users and locations scattered around the world. If you want more information about MISys SBM as a SaaS product call our office or drop us an email., 802-457-4600.

Friday, September 05, 2008

QuickBooks Enterprise Users Conference
The MISys Guys will be taking a break from blogging next week to attend and exhibit at the QuickBooks Enterprise Users Conference in Dallas. Look for Terry, Al and Darryl in our booth in the solutions center or galloping around the conference floor somewhere. MISys SBM which works with QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro and Premiere will be demonstrated in our booth. If you are in Dallas come see us! Look for our blog to resume the following week.
More On Manufacturing For Sage. Those of you who frequent the Sage Accpac website may have noticed some subtle (but significant) changes the the Products page in recent weeks. To start, Manufacturing is now included as one of the key vertical markets addressed by Sage Accpac ERP. Clicking the Manufacturing link takes you to a page describing the features of the manufacturing module for Accpac: MISys SAE Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.
Quick Links to the right allow you to request literature on the Sage Accpac Manufacturing Solution, sign up to view a comprehensive demo of the product, or to download a trial copy of the software that can be installed and used with Accpac System Manager version 5.4 or version 5.5.
Since inviting MISys to become and Endorsed Partner earlier this year, Sage and the management of MISys, Inc. have been busy discovering new ways to jointly promote Sage Accpac ERP as an industrial-strength manufacturing business management system. Commenting on the unprecedented cooperation between companies, MISys President and CEO Dave Brown said "After 20+ years of working with Accpac, it is gratifying to see our lead volume for prospective Accpac users growing vigorously in the past few months. Sage Accpac ERP definitely seems to be developing as a force to recon with when it comes to integrated manufacturing and accounting."
CPA's Guide Offer Extended. An information-packed book entitled An Accountant's Guide To Choosing The Right Manufacturing Software was recently published and is available for $25 per copy. Members of the Sleeter Group Consultant Network, current MISys Business Partners, and practicing accountants can order the book FREE of charge until September 30, 2008.

MISys Small Business Manufacturing could be operating in your manufacturing plant tomorrow!
Let us show you how:
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Request Product Literature
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For Immediate Action
Dateline Woodstock:
Judging from last week's coverage of the Democratic National Convention and the published agenda for this week's rebuttal by the Republicans, it appears that the nominees are getting revved up to run for President of the United States with record amounts of cash for their political war chests. Vermonters are bracing themselves for a furious battle between now and Election Day. Frankly, we are not looking forward to it. While Vermonters never shy away from taking a political stand when they feel their values are threatened, our values are already under assault by the notion that the US is headed towards it's first Multi-billion Dollar Election. First, Vermonters are proud of their ability to do things on the cheap. Last election season, political candidates running for office in our precinct raised a collective $2,647, over half was spent on classified advertisements placed in the Vermont Standard (Woodstock's weekly newspaper) advocati! ng their positions. Radio and television advertising expense was minimal, mostly owing to the fact that we don't have any local radio or TV stations -- and the ones that do exist in Vermont are on the other side of the Big Mountain. Most of us were brought up with the admonition "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." Whether they have anything nice to say or not, Vermonters as a whole don't like to talk that much anyway. An editorial in this week's Standard endorses the idea we believe was hatched at Woodstock's local cafe and center for political debate, the Squat and Gobble. The concept is to eliminate the primary election process entirely: cancel the TV contracts, kill the national conventions, forget the televised debates -- focus entirely on fund-raising. Then, which ever self-nominated candidate raised the most amount of money by November 1, 2008 would automatically be elected President. It has also been suggested that the election p! rocess be turned over to the United States Supreme Court, but the Stan dard's editorial reminds us that this idea has already been tried and it didn't work out at all well. The money-raising idea is gaining momentum here in Vermont. If we can't get any traction on a national basis, there's a good chance we'll try it on our next gubernatorial election. But we would need to impose a state-wide spending cap of maybe $8-10,000. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MISys Announces Key Promotions. The Board of Directors of MISys, Inc. recently announced the promotion of three key personnel effective September 1, 2008. Maybe you know them:
Scott Beavers to the position of Vice President, Sales and Marketing. In this role, Scott will oversee the marketing of MISys software products throughout the world. In addition to his management of MISys' channel marketing efforts, Scott will be supervising the direct sales force for MISys Small Business Manufacturing. Ultimately Scott will be developing a hybrid sales and marketing team that leverages the strengths of each accounting product with which MISys software integrates.
Dave Halpert to the position of Vice President, Research and Development. Although Dave has been functioning in this role for some time, he and his team will continue to apply the latest software technologies to MISys Manufacturing for Sage Accpac ERP (MISys ERP) and MISys Small Business Manufacturing (MISys SBM). Dave will be responsible for evaluating wishlist contributions for improving both products, learning about new technology for possible inclusion in future versions, and for maintaining a workforce of capable programmers who will be developing additional functionality demanded by our users.
Mike Kaelin to the position of Vice President, Technical Services. In addition to his previous responsibilities running the MISys Technical Support Department, Mike takes over supervision of the MISys Professional Services Group and the MISys Sure Start Program. Beyond this, Mike and his staff are responsible for software Quality Assurance and our corporate IT needs.
When you next have the opportunity to speak with Scott, Dave, or Mike, please join us in congratulating them for this important promotion!