Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The final touches are being put on MISys SBM (Small Business Manufacturing) and those really have to do with installation and license issues, not the program itself. As I understand it, Microsoft is testing as I write in terms of intall/de-install onto a machine with XP installed, and if that all passes, we're ready to roll.

In the meanwhile, Trial Copies (live product) are available for download, so if you have not yet done so and are interested in seeing this brand new .NET version of MISys, please go to and either start with the streaming video (a good choice if you haven't seen that yet) or select the Trial Copy.

I've just been asked why we charge $10 for the live product trial, and it's either we expect 10 million downloads and the extra dough would give us a fine month off in the Caribbean, or it's to keep the non-serious downloaders down to zero. I actually like the first reason, but it's the second. Ten bucks buys you a pepperoni and mushroom pizza locally, so it's not a lot, but it does say that a time unlimited trial copy is worth at least that much to someone.

That being said, anyone I personally am working with will get the secret password (it changes daily) since I know your interest is sincere, and the $10 fee is waived. There is also a secret handshake involved but more on that later. Any thoughts on this major issue, please feel free to share in the comments.

A very special option, I think, of MISys SBM is the rental option. For as little as $142 per month one can rent the powerful MISys SBM system. Run it for 3 or 6 months full bore. Make sure it does what we say it can do and you expect it to do. If it does, [and we're betting it does!] you can convert to full ownership and get some major piece (I don't have specifics in front of me yet but it's more than fair) of what you paid in rental applied to the purchase price. It's like insurance except you get your insurance back once you know everything is all right!

Well, feel free to join the discussion.

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