Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Well the MISys guys have been busy the last couple of months. Not Al and Terry per se but those crafty folks in the development department who work for pennies but come out with brilliant code. To celebrate their achievements the big boss has announced that MISys Small Business Manufacturing, known as SBM to the insiders, has a new 1.5 version just released. So as your excitment builds you should know this is no small bit of work. The new version offers QuickBooks users some dramatic new features especially for manufacturers that are make-to-stock and make-to-order types. Go to: and sign up for the video demo. Not to be outdone by the sales and marketing group, our own Scott Beavers has returned from a successful trip to TPAC (Third party ACCPAC Conference) in Vancouver, BC where he spent a few days talking to our considerable number of business partners who not only sell MISys but Sage ERP (formerly ACCPAC) accounting. If it had been winter Scott would have taken his skis as he is known for his backcountry exploring when the rest of us would rather be inside with a warm fire. The MISys guys are pounding away getting ready for our next big event at the Sleeter Conference in Las Vegas in November. Scott and yours truly will be winging our way to sin city - hey someone has to do it! Stay tuned.

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