Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The MISys guys, Scott Beavers and Terry Merrill made the pilgrimage to Sin City (Las Vegas) for the pretigious Sleeter Conference as exhbitors. The Sleeter group has a once a year training and conference to bring QuickBooks Pro-Advisors up to date on all things QuickBooks related. Most, if not all, of the more than 400 attendees are not only QuickBooks consultants of one type or another but also Sleeter Certified Consultants. So if you are a QuickBooks user you might try the Sleeter site at www.sleeter.com for more information. While the MISys guys were making the nightly donation to the casinos as expected, during the day we were showing our MISys SBM for QuickBooks manufacturing software to the consultants looking for a manufacturing solution for there manufacturing customers. If you haven't seen the newest version yet with more whistles and bells integration with QuickBooks go to www.misyssbm.com/quickbooks and check it out. Also, the big kahunna of MISys made the trip to the Intuit campus in Mt. View California to showcase some of the new features of MISys SBM v2.0. You can't see that preview yet but stayed tuned for January 1st, 2007! Can you say MRP?

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