Thursday, March 13, 2008

Network Server Selection. Whether you run MISys Manufacturing for Sage Accpac ERP or MISys Small Business Manufacturing, you have a number of deployment options. Both products are multi-tiered client-server applications, meaning that a significant amount of the "heavy lifting" is done by program code residing on a common network-accessed computer. Over the years, computer hardware suppliers have introduced "server" computers specially geared to such a task. At the same time, computer software suppliers have introduced "server operating systems" specially designed to handle the tasks associated with feeding data to many "clients." From time to time we hear of users who have decided to deploy their MISys software on a local desktop computer, or on a computer that is accessible to multiple users over a local area network. Such a deployment places a huge load on computer hardware and software least able to handle it. The result is frustratingly slow operation. If you intend to install MISys SAE or MISys SBM for a number of people to share, we strongly urge that you invest in 1) a dedicated network server (meaning that you are not running other applications on it, and 2) you run a network operating system on it (meaning not Windows XP, most likely Microsoft Windows Server 2003 <> or Windows Server 2008 <> ).

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