Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In The News:

Sage Insights Pre-conference Training. MISys is pleased to announced a special training workshop geared to the needs of Sage Accpac and Sage Peachtree dealers. This two-day event is scheduled for May 10 and 11 in Nashville, just prior to the opening of the Sage Insights 2009 Conference. This workshop will not be repeated at TPAC, so Partners attending Insights 2009 should take advantage of this opportunity to learn all about MISys Small Business Manufacturing and its tight integration with Accpac ERP and Peachtree accounting.

For your convenience we have posted an online agenda and registration form. Again, this workshop is not open to end users, but is being held exclusively for Accpac and Peachtree business partners. The hotel meeting room has limited capacity and the workshop is expected to sell out early. You can save $100 per attendee by registering before March 15, 2009. Why not do it today?

Urgent Need for MISys Product Reviews. Sage Software has launched a terrific new website designed to help end users and business partners locate industry-specific solutions for Sage products, including Accpac, Peachtree, and Simply accounting.

In order to be effective, the site needs product reviews from existing customers. So this is an UNABASHED APPEAL to MISys manufacturing software users and dealers who are willing to take a few moments to write some brief (<500 character) comments about their experience with our software.

Click here if you are using (or selling) MISys Manufacturing for Sage Accpac ERP. Our friend Jim Hargreaves has posted the first review, but with thousands of active users, we REALLY NEED to hear from more of you.

If you are using MISys SBM with Sage Peachtree Accounting click here. There is growing interest in MISys SBM on the part of the folks at Peachtree and their dealers so any encouraging words will be appreciated.

Finally, click here if you are using MISys Small Business Manufacturing with Sage Simply Accounting. Simply is a Canadian product but there is an enthusiastic base of users up in the Great White North many of whom are searching for a legit manufacturing component for their Simply accounting.

PLEASE, please take a few moments to post your review. We (especially those of us still paying our kids' college tuitions) will be eternally grateful!

Reminder to Clear Physical Inventory Variance. Whether you are using MISys SAE or MISys SBM, you are reminded to clear the Physical Inventory Variance at the start of each fiscal year. If you missed doing this on January 1st, there's no time like the present. Go to Housekeeping Reset Statistics.

MISys SBM User Group Meeting. This week's MISys SBM User Group Meeting will convene on-line this Wednesday (2/11/09) at 2:00pm Eastern. There is no charge for this meeting, but you must pre-register by contacting MISys Customer Service at 802/457-4600 for the required login credentials.

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