Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Email Service
Starting with this issue of the MISys Update Newsletter, we are using a new broadcast email service which has necesssitated a few changes in the way our newsletter appears and is delivered.

First, our service provider strongly recommends limiting the width of the newsletter to 600px instead of our customary 1000px format. Determined to keep the 2-column format that has worked so well these many years, everything had to shrink, including the type size. We hope in doing so that we won't lose too many middle-aged readers.

In order to conform with the spirit and letter of anti-spamming laws, we had accumulated a list of customers who asked to be unsubscribed. We have painstakenly ported the old list over to the new service so, hopefully, we won't mail to anyone who doesn't wish to hear from us. If we fail anywhere along the line, please accept our sincere apology and click the UNSUBSCRIBE button that appears at the bottom of this page.

Your feedback about the new look and feel of our newsletter is always welcome.

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