Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MISys Announces Version 4.0
At the Sage Insights 2009 Conference in Nashville last week, MISys announced that it is completing work on a new version of its MISys Small Business Manufacturing System called MISys SBM v4.0. This version presents a new Shop Floor Control module which offers a number of new features including tool maintenance, work centers, bill of material routings, and a very clever shop floor planning tool. Priced at $1500, the Shop Floor Control module is expected to be popular with manufacturers who need to know the precise material, labor, and overhead components of their product and the costs associated with them. The module allows them to collect actual material, labor, and overhead and to compare those costs to the projected values. When v4.0 is released later this summer, MISys SBM and MISys SAE will have comparable functionality.

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