Thursday, September 03, 2009

Customizable Welcome Screen

To be truthful, it isn't a new feature in MISys SBM but, as revealed in a recent survey, one that few users seem to know about: the ability to customize the MISys SBM welcome screen with your company name, pictures of the founding fathers, etc., etc.

When you install MISys SBM version 4.0, click the "Customize" link just below the title Sample Company, Inc. If you have headphones or speakers attached to your computer, you're set to watch a streaming video explaining two different methods for customizing the screen.

We're experimenting with using more video as a means to educate our users. If you have an opinion or suggestion you'd care to share, please email Thank you!


Jim Hart said...

Text based help is more valuable than video because it's keyword searchable.

Aggregating the existing contextual help into a searchable database would be very useful.

Terry Merrill said...


Thanks for your comment. In MISys SBM searcheable help is available today in any part of the propgram.

Jim Hart said...

Perhaps this is new in 4.0? I'm using

In the version I'm working with there is only contextual help. So you have to first go to the screen and then read the help to see if it can solve your problem.

There is also a "Misys SBM help contents" menu item which takes you to an informational page which reads like a sell sheet, explaining the features, requirements and interoperability.

There is a link at the bottom of this page to the main Misys website, but I couldn't find any searchable help there either.

Terry Merrill said...

If you are using version v3.0 you are unlikely to be able to take advantage of new features in v4.0. The instructions for customizing the welcome screen were in the v3.0, but the video is new to v4.0.

I believe we do have a searchable help database. For example, I type in the word "welcome" and came up with the instructions for creating a customized welcome screen.

I also found "welcome screen" in the index.

Dave Brown said...

In all the MISys Manufacturing System help going back to version 1.0, there has been a complete index to the 1500+ pages of instructions. Just click on the Index tab.

Also, the software has included a special function that allows you to do a full text search of the entire help document. Just click on the Search tab.