Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simplifying MISys SBM Menus

When we added a good number of new entries to the menus for MISys SBM version 4.0, we started to think that users whose jobs required them to access only a few functions might appreciate the ability to hide the menu selections they would never use. So we added this new feature -- one that you might never discover unless we pointed you to it.

In the Administration panel where you establish User Security Groups, the Security Groups window has been replaced by a new multi-tabbed notebook. By selecting a particular Security Group and clicking on the Menu tab, you will see a tree view of the existing MISys SBM menu. By default, all the menu selections are checked, meaning that they all display. To hide a menu, just uncheck its box, save the result, and close the window. The next time a user belonging to that Security Group logs in, only the checked menus will be displayed.

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