Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The MISys team talks with lots of customers over time and the recurring theme always seems to be that our customers don't know all the things that MISys can do to help their manufacturing operations. The best way to find out is by attending one of our online training sessions at http://www.misysinc.com/misbm/training.php. Those who attend the training are often heard saying, "I didn't know MISys could do that". Another good way to find out if MISys can do something you might not be aware of is to post a question to the MISys forum http://www.misysinc.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php or just browse the FAQ sections or previous posts. MISys has been around for more than 20 years so our knowledgebase is quite extensive. You'll be surrpised at all the things MISys does that you didn't know about.

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