Tuesday, March 16, 2010

QuickBooks Canada. The MISys development team is pleased to announce that MISys SBM version 4.0 is now fully compatible with QuickBooks Canada 2010 R3. Even though it seemed like all of Canada was attending the Olympic Winter Games, we know there are a great many small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms north of the border who could really use an industrial-strength product like MISys SBM.

Our marketing research shows that most Canadian manufacturers are satisfied with their accounting systems but many are being driven up-market because of the need for more advanced manufacturing capabilities such as MRP and shop floor control. "Our seamless integration with QuickBooks means that Canadian manufacturers can stick with a right-sized accounting system and still get the manufacturing functionality they need" remarks Scott Beavers, MISys VP of Sales.

A terrific new feature of MISys SBM working in tandem with QuickBooks Canada is its ability to create purchase orders in multiple foreign currencies, and to process resulting invoices appropriately.

Note: To fully utilize the multi-currency purchasing and invoicing functions in MISys SBM, you must be running QuickBooks Canada 2010 R3 or later.

For more information about MISys SBM visit the MISys website at www.misysinc.com.

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