Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honey versus Vinegar

As a child I made the observation that “vinegar” was usually not the way to go when seeking satisfaction for a malfunctioning purchase. My father had a short fuse. His initial approach when returning something defective was even tempered. As soon as he sensed any resistance, the person handling this customer’s service was in for a challenge. The discussion was sometimes unpleasant.

He usually tried everything that he could to make it work before going back to the vendor. Unfortunately, by then he was frustrated as well as disappointed.

I preferred not to have this type of encounter when I returned a purchase that didn't function as advertised. The “honey” approach was more effective from what I could determine. Dad used it occasionally, like when he’d contributed to the malfunction. (For example, if he’d used it improperly to begin with, thereby contributing to the problem. Written instructions can be useful.)

I fancy myself as somewhat mechanical. When a piece of equipment broke down, I diagnosed it and sought a replacement part. The one I bought didn't solve the problem. So, I went back with the “honey” approach and immediately got another at no charge. This one didn't work either. Same process and I got another one. I got three new parts, with no unpleasantness, before I realized that my diagnosis was wrong. (Having used the “vinegar” approach would have caused me much more embarrassment than I experienced.)

MISys’ Customer Service professionals have served both approaches in meeting our end users’ needs. Whatever their concern, if there’s a possibility that we might be able to assist, we welcome the opportunity. We too are consumers and also use a variety of software products, so we do have empathy in inventory.

Providing service so that end users have a positive experience with MISys Manufacturing is why we’re here. Honey or vinegar, let us provide or direct you to the service you need to realize all of the benefits that you anticipated from licensing our software. Your return on investment (ROI) is important to us too.

(For the record, honey is preferred.)

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