Thursday, December 15, 2011

Year-End 2011 Tips

Here are two year-end tips from the very talented Sonia Gray, ERP Practice Manager,

Correcting lot tracking assignments
Prepared by Sonia Gray,
December 2011

If you’re using Lot Tracking in MISys Manufacturing, year end often includes cleaning up old unassigned lot tracking records and making sure all lots are reconciled.  I often get questions from clients on how they can correct lot assignments or correct quantities on hand of items that are lot tracked.

It is important to note that correcting lot entries in MISys requires that you do them in a particular order. You cannot assign a lot number to a transaction if the system does not have a quantity of that lot to assign. Additionally, items tied to parent items require that you assign the parent item first, then the child items.  Therefore, reversing those transactions require that you do them in the reverse order.

A great tool for correcting invalid lot assignments is the “Undo SLT transactions” function. This function puts the transaction back on the “Assign SLT numbers” screen so you can redo the assignment.

Again, the trick is to reverse things in the right order. Think about the end result of your transaction, then step backwards through it to “undo” it. For example, if you need to correct a lot assignment that reduced stock (i.e., dispense stock transaction) you must reverse it first before you can reassign any other transaction related to it. This puts the lot number quantity back, which then makes it available to reassign. Viewing the lot tracking history will be helpful in retracing your steps.

Redirecting Locked Fiscal Periods
Prepared by Sonia Gray, ERP Practice Manager -

One of the new features in Accpac is the ability to lock fiscal periods by module. While this is a great control feature; it can cause errors with other applications trying to send transactions to a locked period. Wisely, MISys has given us the ability to redirect our entries if it encounters a locked fiscal period.

When processing period end (under the “Accounting” menu), simply check the box “Redirect Locked Fiscal Periods” which will allow you to put in a new period end date.  Very cool!

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