Friday, May 25, 2012

Custom Mobile Alerts in MISys Manufacturing

One of my customers wondered how the sales and/or shipping staff would know when an order had been completed in MISys and transferred to Sage 50 Quantum Accounting (formerly Sage Peachtree Quantum). This would apply, of course, to a Make-to-Order scenario where there is a specific sales order linked to each production order (either Work Order or Mfg Order).

So I created a Sales Order in Sage 50 and did a “Process Sales Orders” transaction which brought in the details of the SO:

Notice there are several details captured automatically: the item required (I50), the quantity (200), the customer name (xyz), the sales order # (1179) and the ship date (5/29/2012). No data entry required at all.

I’ll skip through the building of the 200 but at the point we have built it we’re ready to transfer the 200 units to Sage 50. I have already created a Custom Alert called Sales Transfer Notification, and included a mobile alert with an e-mail (or e-mails) to people in shipping/sales. The alert criteria looks like this, but of course it could be further tweaked:

You might want to limit it to active MOs only, not closed, or within the last week, or whatever -- you don’t want a long long list of every sales transfer you ever made, so make it relevant to the needs of the shipping/sales folks. I do the transfer from within the MO and my custom alert shows me this:

And I also get an e-mail, which is key since I, in the shipping department, am not a MISys user, ever, and that e-mail says:

You might note that the Sales Order # did not come over in the e-mail, but the customer name and ship date did. That’s a little tweak we can solve, but even with just this information we in shipping now know that 
  1. finished goods were delivered into Sage 50 
  2. who the customer is 
  3. what day the goods need to be shipped by 
  4. what the goods are and 
  5. how many.

We love custom alerts and mobile alerts, and you should too! 

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