Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MISys Manufacturing Software Version 6.0 | FAQs

(Used with permission. This content created by Sean Fitzsimmons of Central Nervous Systems - an experienced MISys Implementation Partner).

Today, MISys announced the release of the next major version of MISys Manufacturing - MISys 6.0. I am writing to let you know what this means for your business, in the form of a Q&A list as follows:

Question: How is this different from a minor patch?
Answer: A minor patch (i.e. upgrading from to is a small modification to the program in the existing folder on your server. A major release, on the other hand, is a completely new installation of the program, in different folders, on your server.

Question: How is the upgrade process different?
Answer: Instead of logging into the administration module (on the server) and pressing the upgrade button, we have to download an executable file and follow a 15 step process to ensure that the system installs properly.

Question: Do I need Central Nervous System's help doing this, or can I attempt the upgrade on my own?
Answer: You are completely free to try the major upgrade on your own - please don't think you are not. We just know that many customers will want assistance because they are uncomfortable with the idea of coping with a manufacturing system that doesn't work should anything go wrong. Should you choose to include us, our process involves upgrading your system on a test server (that we bring with us to your office) to ensure that the upgrade processes properly before doing the upgrade on your operational server.

Question: How many hours will Central Nervous Systems bill to come on-site to upgrade my MISys installation?
Answer: Central Nervous Systems staff - Paul, Nigel and Nick - have already been testing the upgrade process. We anticipate it will take between 3 to 5 hours to complete the upgrade at client sites.

Question: What's in it for me, the MISys customer?
Answer: There are a lot good reasons to upgrade to MISys 6.0. For one, there are dozens of improvements to the code to consolidate previous updates and streamline the integration with different accounting programs. Secondly, MISys has added a bunch of new features and fixed some annoying bugs. You can see the full list on the MISys 6.0 landing page at the following link:

- http://misysinc.com/6/

But the feature that we think people are going to be most excited about is the MISys Query Report Designer. This will give you the ability to quickly create new, custom reports without any prior training. MISys corporate has a video uploaded on their website that gives you a preview of what it is like. MISys Query does NOT replace the standard reports in MISys Manufacturing. You are still able to modify existing MISys reports or create new reports using Crystal Reports.

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