Friday, December 09, 2005

New request came in for our rules-based Custom Configurator:

MISys Custom Configurator - Silver Edition


santa claus
north pole
north pole, NP 05762
United States of America
Telephone: 802-457-4600
Fax: 802-457-4600


Sales Department
Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc.
#4 Maxham Meadow Way, P.O. Box 795
Woodstock, Vermont 05091
United States of America
Telephone: 802.457.4600
Fax: 802.457.4602

Thank you for requesting an End-user Trial copy of MISys Custom Configurator v5.3 for Pervasive.SQL or IBM DB2 Universal Database. Before you do anything else, please print and read the Custom Configurator Demonstration Guide which will give you detailed instructions on how to install and run the software.

Click this link to begin the download of MISys Custom Configurator.

The Installation Wizard requires you to enter a Serial Number and Installation Code. Please use the codes provided below:

Serial Number:

Installation Code:

Installation of the End-user software and its accompanying sample data starts a 30-day free trial. At any time, you may purchase a permanent license by accessing the MISys Custom Configurator License Manager.

We'd be very happy to have Santa a proud user of MISys, and I'll keep you informed if they decide to go with MISys. They've been using an Access database and Excel, but just can't keep it running well with a few billion customers and a few million products.

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