Friday, December 09, 2005

Speaking of trial copies (were we?) the very first copies of the MISys SBM (Small Business Manufacturing) Product have gone out to a small select group of MISys business partners. Their mission: try to break it.

We're very excited about this major next step, and yesterday reminded us of expectant fathers pacing up and down the hospital hall. We'd have lit cigars when the beta was finally uploaded to our server, but none of us smoke cigars.

As I write snow is falling steadily here in Vermont, and it's 16 days to Christmas. Tonight we'll get our tree. Our big present to the world is a new product soon to be generally available to thousands and thousands of small manufacturers using Quickbooks, Microsoft Office SBA, Simply and Adagio. Our present back is the satisfaction of a job well done, meeting a signifigant need of small manufacturers. If this is your first read about SBM, please let me know at, and I'll get you information and at the very least a video presentation. Soon Trial Copies will be available easily over the Net to anyone interested, and we can hardly wait!

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