Friday, June 06, 2008

MISys Development Roadmap. Last month at Insights we spoke to many of our Business Partners about our development roadmap and how it affects all of us. We discussed integration with Accpac v5.5 and other accounting packages, the future of MISys SAE and MISys SBM and more.Since we were not able to spend time with all of you and feel it's critical that you are aware of our plans for the future, we've scheduled two Webinars in which we'll explain where MISys is headed and what you can expect from our products. The first webinar will be held this Thursday, June 5th. The second will be on Monday, June 7th. Both webinars start at 1:00pm Eastern Time and should last about a half an hour.
If you are a MISys/Accpac Business Partner and would like to attend, please email Scott Beavers, MISys Channel Manager, or telephone 802/457-4600 x286 for the login information. We hope you'll join us.

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