Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Manufacturing By-products
When we met our friend and MISys SBM guru Jim Hargreaves for our regular chat over the back fence, Jim told us about a fellow user who was having a bit of trouble creating by-products from a manufacturing order. Convinced that it should work as described, Jim tried it using the MISys SBM sample data. "I created a manufacturing order for 100 I50 desk lamps." Jim replied. "Then I added another line for negative ten (-10.0) I05s. I checked the quantity in stock at location LOC01 as 1655. Next I released and completed the order. Rechecking the stock of I05, it was 1665. Just as predicted!"

If you ever have the need to create a by-product resulting from some production activity, just follow Jim's suggestion. It works just as well for MISys SBM work orders.

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