Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How To Choose a Right Sized Manufacturing System
Dave Brown, President and CEO of MISys wrote a very interesting book called "How To Choose A Right Sized Manufacturing System". For those of you who had an opportunity to obtain a copy know that the book takes Dave's 30 years of manufacturing experience in both the field of manfacturing and manufacturing software design, to explain to both accounting practitioners and manufacturers how to navigate the complex terms and operational challenges of picking a manufacturing software sytem and then using those features to run a successful manufacturing company. If you missed the original book we are publishing portions of it here for download in our MISys blog or by going to our web site and linking to our RSS feed. You can see the first installement, "What do you want to accomplish" by clicking here: http://www.misysinc.com/downloads/rssfeeds/choose/choose01.htm More installements to follow in our blog and via our Twitter feed.

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