Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winner of our Disney Trip
Pat Donnelly of Oak State was our big MISys winner of the trip to Disneyworld in Orlando. Not only did Pat go but he took three others from his accounting department with him. Pat says about the trip, “On Day one we, traveled to Orlando and Disneyworld. The next day we headed for Animal Kingdom after purchasing the last four umbrellas and then to Hollywood studios. It rained the entire day but the lines were great. On day two the sun came out and all was well other than the lines. I have never seen so many different kinds of strollers and hope to never see another one. This was of course at the Magic Kingdom. Then, to escape the screaming kids we went on to Epcot. Day three we relaxed in Downtown Disney, toured around the Boardwalk and some of the other Disney properties. To summarize the trip, it was great other than the reoccurring stroller nightmares. “

Congratulations to Pat and the accounting crew at Oak State and their successful trip and return from the world of Disney.

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