Thursday, July 28, 2011

Only a Number

I often feel like I’m only a number when seeking service as a customer of some institution or other. Sometimes, the bigger the institution, the more the feeling is supported by the service. It’s an unfortunate statement but an experience I’m sure that many of us have shared.

You know what I’m talking about, when the person representing the institution has an air of “let’s move this along; I’ve got other people to deal with”. Impatience is frequently a characteristic of someone who regards a customer as a number, not someone the institution values and wants to serve. …or, someone that the institution recognizes as essential to its existence.

Being a “large” institution can sometimes allow this attitude to exist among its representatives. Because, after all, there are lots of other consumers available. A focused effort must be made to prevent it from happening. It can be prevented. Large institutions can encourage a feeling of importance to all customers. The hospitality industry makes a very public effort in this regard. Advertising campaigns are often focused on the uniqueness of the guests and how the services accommodate them.

Manufacturing Information Systems recognizes its need for customers, not just numbers. Our entire staff is acutely aware that customer numbers are solely for identification for administrative purposes. People essential to our mission license our software and are treated accordingly.

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