Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Create a Report: Stock Threshold Info

Previously we talked about getting Crystal Reports connected to your MISys Manufacturing (no longer SBM!) database. Once that’s done, what can you do? While there are limitations on what can be done with custom fields and some of our more complicated reports that required processes, the whole database is otherwise available to you. In this simple example, we will demonstrate getting stock threshold information so that you can display them.

While you could just go to the Item Location file (MIILOC) and display the items and their thresholds, you may want to include other pieces of information from the Item record (description, unit of measure, etc.) So, we’ll start with MIITEM.

Create a new report in Crystal. Select the Data Source you created previously (using the required credentials and select the appropriate database name). You need to drill down into | dbo | Tables to get the table listing. Control-Click on MIILOC & MIITEM and bring it into the report and click Finish.

Now you can bring in the desired fields you want. Next time we’ll discuss a little more on this report concept.

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