Friday, July 01, 2005

It is amazing to me how many different types of manufacturers use MISys. On a list of MISys reference sites before me I read
  1. "agricultural harvesting equipment" to
  2. "beverage bottler" to
  3. "frozen yoghurt" to
  4. "paint dispensers" to
  5. "planetarium equipment" to
  6. "pre-fab modular housing" to
  7. "cheescake" to
  8. "plastic additives" to
  9. "infant formula supplement" to
  10. "mulch and vermiculite"

I could go on and on (I didn't even get to electronics and high tech type products on the list) but it's just amazing the breadth and variety of products we see at MISys. We occassionally compete with a product like Diamond Manufacturing Pro, or whtever it was called, and sure, for the diamond manufacturing business it is probably going to be far more ideal than MISys (hence the name). And much more expensive, selling to a much smaller install base.

But the strength and beauty of MISys is that it is so adaptive to so many environments. I'd love to hear some stories from users and business partners of unique applications and environments of MISys.

Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful Fourth of July wherever you are.

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