Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We're all excited here at MISys as we move towards Q4 and the release of our new MISys Small Business Manufacturing (SBM) product. This is not a replacement for our existing product that integrates seamlessly and deeply with the Sage ACCPAC Advantage Series product, this is an entirely new product line that augments our current offering.

If you need substantial integration as part of an entire ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, and if you need a powerful sophisticated financial package, you'll want to continue to look at the MISys/ACCPAC solution. We have been a development partner of ACCPAC for over 20 years, we know the Advantage Series product very well and we build our product using their SDK (Software Developer Kit). There is no question that ACCPAC Adv. Series is serious financial package for small to mid-size enterprises, and it is leagues ahead of simpler packages like its brother Simply, its cousin Peachtree (both also owned by Sage Software) or Quickbooks.

However, if you're like one of the many companies I speak with each week who have very modest needs on the financial end, needs Simply or Quickbooks can easily accomodate, but their manufacturing issues are of serious concern, then MISys SBM will be the obvious answer. Building on our 2o-plus years of manufacturing system development expertise, SBM will offer all the sophistication and business logic that our ACCPAC product offers, but it will not be tied to the ACCPAC Adv. Series system. Indeed, SBM will have a new look and feature set that comes from building off the Microsoft .NET development platform. It's easier to show you than explain it, so if you'd like to view our streaming video presentation on SBM, please let me know at al@misysinc.com. Any of you reading this post who have seen that presentation, please feel free to share your comments!

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