Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dateline Woodstock
Woodstock residents are waiting for next week's town meeting where we are slated to hear a proposal from Greg and Bobby Underhill, two local real estate developers, on the subject of building what they are calling Woodstock International Airport. It is generally agreed that the chances of Woodstock (a town of 2800 residents and 14 paved roads) ever having an international airport is mighty slim. Nevertheless, we expect Town Hall to be packed on Tuesday night, whether they be friends or foes of the Underhill boys. Town residents are mindful that the last major development organized by Greg and Bobby was never even submitted to the Woodstock Development Board, but resulted in a 2x3-foot Information Booth being installed on the Town Green somewhere, according to Police Reports, between 2 and 4am on June 5, 2001. Many are suspect that the Underhills will use the same stealth tactics to slip an International Airport in under the radar of the Development Board. Excuse us for editorializing for a moment, but we think there are at least two reasons (maybe more) why this is an unlikely scenario. First is that when MISys first relocated to Woodstock, the Great Debate, consuming many hours of heated discussion among Townspeople of every sort, centered on whether the Prosper Village road should be paved. We can tell you that 22 years later, the road is still unpaved, although the subject consumes at least 20 minutes of debate during Town Meeting each March. Second, the largest city in Vermont (well, OK, the only city in Vermont) is home to Burlington International Airport (BTV) and those of you who are adept at locating cheap air travel to anywhere can confirm that you cannot actually go anywhere outside the United States of America from Burlington, Vermont. Although the MISys guys are frequent air travelers, we rarely ever patronize Burlington International Airport because, from what we can tell, the only place to can actually go from there is Philadelphia. And, no disrespect to any Philadelphians (3 of whom use our software), we have never determined that a stop in Philadelphia would enhance any trip we might make. So, we're going to show up at next Tuesday's meeting, just to see what the Underhill brothers have in mind, but we think that direct 747 service from Bejing to Woodstock is a long, long way off.

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