Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MISys SBM Maintenance Updates
We are frequently asked how much we charge for maintenance updates for our MISys Small Business Manufacturing software, how often we release maintenance updates -- and what if customers don't want to purchase maintenance.

In no particular order, we release updates for MISys SBM when we feel we have accumulated a sufficient number of bug fixes, or when those fixes can materially impact our customers every-day use of the software. For this reason, there is no set maintenance schedule.

Every currently licensed MISys SBM user receives notice of the availability of a maintenance update for which there is NO CHARGE. That makes mute the question regarding users who don't want to purchase maintenance.

We know there are users who choose not to install an available update, but we never quite understand why someone would favor using software with known bugs over an improved version in which those bugs have been fixed -- for free! There is nothing that forces a user to install available program updates, except that if you install an update on one client PC, you must install it on all client machines.

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