Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MISys SBM Survey Results

Our recent surveys of the MISys community have yielded some interesting and valuable results. Looking at the end user surveys, we're seeing three types of responses: 1) suggestions that we do things we already do, 2) suggestions that we do the impossible, and 3) suggestions that we do some really dumb things.

The first group illustrates that we need to do a better job communicating the many features of the MISys software, encouraging users to take advantage of our online training, and urging them to attend our weekly User Group meetings were perceived shortcomings are discussed. For example, if you think it would be nice if MISys SBM integrated with Accpac, or you wish you could have a hard-copy of the MISys User Guide, make it your business to take advantage of the educational benefits available to you.

Suggestions for the impossible are also valuable to us because, even though we can't provide the exact solution as described, it tells us there is a problem out there that needs attention. Lots of times we can answer "We can't do exactly that, but what if... Would that be OK?" So even the most off-the-wall suggestions sometimes spur us to make meaningful improvements to the product.

The "really dumb" category reflects less on our users' intelligence and much more on their ability to extend their personal (somewhat limited) view of manufacturing to the larger world of manufacturing. Over the years we've learned that good programmers build reliable programs -- but GREAT programmers build programs that prevent people from doing dumb things. So the final category of suggestions can most often be answered "That may sound good, but if we allowed that, you could cause really bad things to happen."

Overall, all feedback is valuable to MISys because it helps us better understand how our customers are engaging our company. We're committed to being the best software company you've ever dealt with. To succeed in this mission, we need to hear from you. If we aren't currently running an online survey, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service department at 802/457-4600, or even our company president Dave Brown, whose direct extension is 232. Dave is passionate about understanding the needs of our customers and partners. You'll find he's always attentive to your concerns.

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