Tuesday, August 04, 2009

MISys SBM 30-day Trial (Not!)

Rumor has it that a 30-day trial copy of MISys SBM can be downloaded from the MISys web site. Actually, that's a half-truth.

Fact is, a fully functional copy of MISys SBM can indeed be downloaded from the MISys web site. Contrary to popular belief, the Trial Copy is not limited to 30 days.

Maybe it's because so many other software companies of trial copies that implode after 30 days, people think that the MISys SBM trial must be the same.

Anyone who wants to have a look at MISys SBM (especially someone who wants to compare it to MISys SAE) is welcome to download the software and install it on their PC free of charge. The Trial Copy is limited to a single user and can only accommodate 100 inventory items but otherwise, it's the real deal. And it won't expire after 30 days!

If you've been reading this column all these many months and getting just a tiny bit curious about MISys SBM, why not download a copy today? Just click here to get the ball rolling.

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