Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MISys SBM Now Available Internationally
Beginning August 1st, MISys SBM is now available to manufacturers outside North American. For the last 20 years MISys has been the Accpac manufacturing software of choice in Australia, Asia, India, Africa, the United Kingdom, and parts of western Europe. Since we released MISys SBM a few years ago, fully integrated with QuickBooks and a number of Sage accounting products, we have been going slow, developing confidence in the reliability of the product, and testing the product in selected markets. With a good chunk of inquiries coming from manufacturers outside the US and Canada, we are now ready to respond to them with a product that is proven to be reliable, cost effective, and an appropriate solution for small- to medium-sized firms.

That said, MISys SBM does NOT work with non-US versions of famous accounting products (where, sometimes, a brand name is licensed to a local software developer) and MISys SBM can only be guaranteed to work with US versions of the Windows OS and MS SQL database engine. Also, since our support technicians sleep when others are awake, and they are limited to their ability speak foreign languages, there are some restrictions regarding technical support.

MISys SBM is now running successfully in some very-far-away parts of the world. If you'd like to give it a try in your plant, you can download a free trial copy to install today! .

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