Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Manufacturing for QuickBooks Overview

Wherever I go, I'm asked to explain exactly how MISys Manufacturing turns QuickBooks into an industrial-strength manufacturing system. That's a very good question given that we market MISys as an add-on that turns QuickBooks into an industrial-strength manufacturing system.

The problem is that answering the question completely requires the better part of a day. Most of the people who ask me this question are planning to commit just a few minutes to getting the answer. However, I've learned that a good place to start is to describe what MISys does in terms of adding on to QuickBooks and then move into a little explanation of what kinds of manufacturing companies will find MISys useful.

I've also found that the point is best made with a brief demonstration of MISys by first creating a sales order in QuickBooks, then retrieving that sales order into a Master Production Schedule, and ultimately creating a Material Requirements Plan (MRP).

Most manufacturers know what an MRP is -- but many of them have quite a negative view of it. Since Oliver Wight began proselytizing for MRP (MRP I and MRP II) back in the 1970's, the technology developed a reputation for being cumbersome, expensive, and confusing. But that was in the day of IBM 1620 mainframes and 80-column Hollerith cards. Times chnage.

When we designed the MISys Manufacturing software, one of our primary objectives was to implement MRP in a way that was accessible, affordable, and easy to understand. In a demonstration of the software, letting MISys create all the necessary purchase orders and production orders with just a few mouse-clicks certainly gets people's attention -- especially those who think the results of an MRP resides in a box of green-bar paper.

You probably have your own ideas about what an accessible, affordable, and easy to understand manufacturing add-on for QuickBooks should look and feel like. I'd be interested to hear your reaction to the video I posted at www.misysinc.com/quickbooksintegration/

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