Thursday, June 23, 2011


My instinct is often to delete them when I get one via email. They rarely arrive at a convenient time. How meaningful are my responses going to be anyway?

Then, I consider Manufacturing Information Systems’ surveys. We are very eager to know what our users and Business Partners think. We truly pore over the responses that we get. This is one way that we get direction for improvement, not only of the functionality but of our service as well.

The “comments” section is of particular interest to us. This is where users can get very specific to address something not covered by the questions already posed. I actually did get a follow up call from a vendor who allowed “comments” on a survey that I had completed. I was dissatisfied and the vendor followed up to get more details. The survey was apparently of interest to that vendor as well.

We do want to hear from our users and partners, what we do well and where we could improve. Unparalleled customer service is the target and users’ feedback can help us hit it.

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