Saturday, June 11, 2011

What is an ERP system anyway?

I don't know whether I should blame the full moon, but it seems like I've been hit with quite a few inquiries of late asking "What is an ERP system?" Or just yesterday, "What do I get in Sage ERP Accpac that is missing from Sage Peachtree?"

Since my business computing experience dates way back to IBM 360's and mainframe-based products like SAP and MAPICS, I have a perspective of what a true ERP system is -- one that may not be so universally shared today. Indeed, a great many people don't even know what the acronym "ERP" stands for. Since I got my start, computer hardware has become much smaller and computer software much larger.

To me, an ERP system helps manage all aspects of a business with one fully integrated software product. By that measure, Sage Peachtree Quantum Manufacturing Edition (powered by MISys) could rightfully be called an ERP system. It provides all the functionality a manufacturing company needs to run their business.

Sage product marketing is certainly within its rights not to apply the ERP moniker to Peachtree QME, as it is to drop manufacturing from its Accpac ERP product. Whatever they choose to call their various products (Peachtree, Accpac, MAS, and Simply) I believe each is a very complete solution that "helps manage all aspects of a business with one fully integrated software product."

I am impressed with MAS 500 as a credible ERP system for manufacturing companies. Sage Peachtree, Sage ERP Accpac, and Sage Simply are also strong offerings because they are seamlessly integrated with MISys Manufacturing.

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