Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Create a Report: Stock Threshold Info 2

Continuing from our previous discussions, you are now ready to add some data to our report. Considering that we’re calling this a “Stock Threshold” report, we probably want some core item information and the various thresholds. Some of this data is in MIITEM, the rest is in MIILOC.

Versions of Crystal vary, however, there should be a frame to the right that contains Database Fields and should have the two tables listed. Expand these nodes and you will see the fields that are available. Start by adding MIITEM.itemId and MIITEM.descr to the details of the report (don’t forget column headers if they don’t get automatically created). To do this, click on the field and then drag and drop it in the details section of the report. Now add the following fields from MIILOC- minLvl, ordLvl, maxLvel, ordQty.

Once you have done this, look at the Preview of the report. You should see a tight listing of items and their thresholds.

This report is a nice foundation. Next time, well discuss some filtering.

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