Friday, March 04, 2011

Always and Never

These are terms that are used infrequently in Customer Service. This is an area where each situation is unique. Making hard and fast rules is nearly impossible when circumstances can vary widely. The manufacturing software that MISys develops is a reliable, consistent product and everyone gets the same version. However, how it’s used in the end user’s installation is singular to each company.

This reality presents opportunities for creativity and critical thinking that severely limit our ability to make “always-” and “never-” type policies. Though these would be convenient, they would not likely meet the need. If canned statements would address the questions and concerns that arise, we wouldn’t need the staff of professionals that we currently employ. We know that “canned” is not in the best interest of our customers.

This approach seems to resonate with our clientele. We get continual acknowledgement of our efforts in helping customers maximize the return on their MISys investment.

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