Sunday, March 06, 2011

Welcome to TPAC in Vancouver BC.

I’m here in Vancouver BC with a couple of other MISys guys attending the annual TPAC (Third Party Access Conference) which, as its name implies, spotlights third-party application software designed to work with Sage ERP Accpac. Each year, software developers and Accpac business partners converge here for several days of sharing information related to extending Accpac into markets beyond core accounting.

Although MISys will be attending and promoting our manufacturing solution for a range of Sage accounting products (notably Peachtree accounting, Simply accounting, and Accpac) at the annual Sage Insights Conference scheduled for the Washington DC area on July 10-15, 2011, this TPAC conference affords us the ability to be in closer contact with the Accpac partners with whom we work all year.

Last summer, Sage announced its intention to reposition Accpac as a more horizontally oriented accounting system, while focusing on the newly-acquired Sage ERP X3 as the vertical solution of choice. Apparently X3 has a strong manufacturing component, but the fact remains that across most of the Accpac consulting world, “manufacturing” and “accpac” are spelled “MISys.” We’ve worked hard over the past 25 years to create and maintain this close relationship with Sage and Accpac partners and to be regarded as the manufacturing system of choice for Sage Accpac ERP (now Sage ERP Accpac).

Even though Sage’s reorganization has removed MISys from their corporate pricelist, sales of our Accpac-based manufacturing solution have actually spiked in recent months. There seems to be an enthusiastic group of Accpac consultants and VARs who understand and value MISys Manufacturing as the solution of choice for manufacturing companies seeking an integrated business management system. Today MISys enjoys its position as a Gold-level Development Partner.

Last week MISys completed a 4-part webinar series that explore the various points of integration between MISys Manufacturing and Sage ERP Accpac. If you missed attending these webinars, you will find streaming videos covering the same material on the MISys website at

Whether you are an Accpac partner or a manufacturing company looking over Sage Accpac ERP as a possible solution, we hope you’ll take advantage of this valuable resource.

Again, go to for complete information about the Accpac manufacturing solution.

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