Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Using the Source

At this point you should have a usable data source that Crystal can use as a conduit into the SBM database on your server. So what do you do with it?

1. Open Crystal Reports.

2. Click File | New and then select Standard Report.

3. Expand Create New Connection.

4. Expand ODBC (RDO).

5. Select your data source and click Next.

6. Enter your credentials (again, If you are using the instance of SQL provided with MISys SBM, contact technical support for this information).

7. Select the database name that you use- if you want to try the report on Sample Data, select SBMSAMPCO.

8. Click Finish.

What you see here might be different depending on which version of Crystal you’re using. Look for a node with your database name and expand it. Then expand dbo and then Tables. You now have all of the MISys tables exposed to the report.

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