Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Press 1 for English

…ever heard this one? I have, many times. It usually means that the organization is very large and I should pay close attention to the options. I wouldn't want to have to start the list over. I brace myself for the sophistication of the automated call direction system.

I certainly understand the need for a system of this type in some situations. It can be very efficient at routing calls. It facilitates more effective use of the call center’s time, and ultimately, the caller’s. It allows specialists to deal with calls in their specialty rather than interpreting an issue and routing the call appropriately. Hopefully, reducing the amount of time it takes to resolve an individual issue.

This system needs careful monitoring, however. I've encountered times when I get five or six menu levels into a call and get disconnected. My attitude is not enhanced by this eventuality. …especially when I’m looking for resolution of a problem rather than information. When seeking information, patience isn't usually an issue.

At MISys we do use an automated attendant system as well. We don’t however, have several layers of menus or multiple languages. We have the luxury of staff that can address many different issues or can direct the caller to the appropriate party. Languishing in our voice mail system is not one of our options.

And, by the way, when you call MISys and dial 1, you get Sales.

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Dave Brown said...

Sounds good!

If I call my electric company, it goes like this:

Press 1 if you are a new customer, 2 if you are an existing customer, or 3 to report a life-threatening condition.

If you are an existing customer, press 1 to check your outstanding balance, 2 to change your service plan, 3 to report an outage, or 4 to report a life-threatening condition.

We understand you have no power. Press 1 if this is a business, 2 if this is a residence, or 3 to report a life-threatening condition.

We understand that you have no power at your residence. Press 1 if you depend on electricity for home heating, 2 if you have other heat sources, or 3 to report a life-threatening condition.

Hello, is anyone there? Hello? Anyone there?