Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Focus on New Features: Mobile Alerts Come to MISys Manufacturing 5.0

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some observations about the impact of my bank's acquisition by another institution that used a different online banking software package. All in the life of the financial world's food chain, I suppose.

I forgot to mention one change I didn't anticipate (and one that has turned out to be most useful): the software's ability to send an alert to my computer or cell phone whenever some pre-determined event occurs. In my case, I started receiving email messages from the bank every time a withdrawal of more than $10 was transacted. My old bank never offered me this service and, honestly, I never yearned for it. But now that I have it, the security in knowing that some activity is taking place in my bank accounts is a feature I would count among the Top 10 if I ever decided to switch banks.

When were were brainstorming "neat things we could add to MISys Manufacturing" last year, my recent banking experience came to mind. "What if I could get an email whenever an item dipped below the reorder level?" I asked. "What if you don't care that your wire nuts drop below the reorder level, but your connecting rods fall below minimum?" someone countered. "What if I want to know that a purchase order is overdue?" another person asked. "Do you want to receive an alert the first time this occurs, or every time? On weekend, or just weekdays? During the night, or just during working hours?" All good questions to ask.

I can tell you that with MISys Manufacturing version 5.0 in final testing, that the concept of what has become know as "Mobile Alerts" has developed quite nicely. Whether you spend the day glued to your desktop, or out and about with a smartphone tucked in your pocket, I'm confident that this feature will become one of your "Top 10" in the new MISys -- coming soon to a computer and mobile device near you.

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