Monday, April 18, 2011

MISys Manufacturing 5.0 Is Simpler Than Ever

When we surveyed MISys users last year, we heard from many that they'd like the program to be simpler and more user-friendly. "I work in Purchasing. All these things about Production and Accounting just confuse me," wrote one user.

Enough people made comments like this that we got right to work figuring out ways to simplify the product. As it turns out, there has been a way to simplify MISys Manufacturing (or at least to make it appear simpler) for quite some time. Problem was, the function called "Navigation Panel Options" was buried deep in the product menu where almost no one was likely to find it.

Starting in version 5.0 the Navigation Panel Options function moves up to the dashboard where you are certain to find it.

For example:

If your job doesn't have anything to do with production, click to uncheck the Production checkbox and presto! - the Production panel disappears.

If you don't even know an accountant, click to uncheck the Accounting checkbox and sha-zam! - the Accounting panel disappears. MISys is getting simpler already.

With just a few clicks like this, you can clear away any navigation panel that you don't find useful. Your settings will be saved so the next time you log in to MISys Manufacturing, you'll feel like the program was custom-tailored to your job function.

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