Thursday, April 14, 2011

MISys Manufacturing 5.0 Sneak Peek: Action Maps

Thought it might be nice to wet everyone's appetite about the upcoming MISys Manufacturing 5.0 release!

The new release incorporates a major new feature, which we are calling Action Maps, to greatly simplify using MISys Manufacturing to do common tasks. Action Maps provide access to common tasks for Physical Inventory, Purchasing, Production, and Planning in the form of a live visual flow chart with arrows showing the usual steps for the Action in the order they are normally done.

Each Action Map step is represented by an icon, and each icon has an associated help button where you can click to find out more information about the step. Clicking on the step icon navigates you to the user interface in MISys Manufacturing where you can perform that step. Some of the Action Maps include multiple flow charts representing different scenarios of use depending on your own manufacturing application.

The Production Action Map in MISys Manufacturing 5.0 includes three different diagrams indicating the typical steps for using MISys Manufacturing to do Basic Assembly of Standard BOMs using Work Orders, or Custom Manufacturing using Manufacturing Orders for either Build to Order or Job Shop style usage.  A sample of the Action Map for a Manufacturing Order use for a Job Shop is shown below (please note that the details may change before the final release):

This scenario of use utilizes a Manufacturing Order as the basis for a quotation for a job, where the Order may change (material and/or price) as a result of iterative conversations with the customer.  When the quote has been finalized and the customer has accepted the quote, this process provides a way to converting any temporary non-stock items with material that will be inventoried, a way facilitate ordering any necessary parts or building any needed sub-assemblies, automates creation of an associated Sales Order in the integrated accounting system, and then actually completing the order and transferring the finished product to sales inventory for shipment to the customer.

MISys Manufacturing 5.0 Action Maps also include four different scenarios of use for Planning including Shortages Today, What If Today..., Future Shortages, and Future What If...

Please be patient, MISys Manufacturing 5.0 is coming very soon (we are working hard to finish testing) but it is our company policy to not publish the release date prior to it actually officially be available.

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