Thursday, April 14, 2011

MISys Hybrid Sales Model

MISys sells its manufacturing solution for a number of different accounting families, including Sage Peachtree, Sage Simply, Sage Accpac, and Inuit QuickBooks. We began selling our software to Accpac users in 1986, exclusively through Accpac partners (resellers).

Today, Accpac partners are the primary means for selling MISys manufacturing software and these partners earn competitive commissions for their sales efforts. Sage Peachtree accounting is sold both by Peachtree Certified Consultants (CC's) and by Peachtree Inside Sales. QuickBooks is sold primarily through retailers such as Staples, Office Depot, etc. and to a lesser extent by Intuit Software Vendors (ISV's). Sage Simply accounting is sold almost exclusively through Canadian retailers.

In order to serve such diverse accounting markets, MISys has developed a hybrid sales model in which its sales staff wears two hats:

  • Expert Sales Assistance: MISys salespeople help resellers close deals by providing expert assistance when a resellers requests it.
  • Direct Sales: MISys salespeople develop and nuture sales leads when no reseller has been identified.
Since the invention of the World Wide Web, manufacturers in the market for a right-sized manufacturing solution are likely to Google keywords such as "accpac manufacturing" or "mrp for quickbooks" and be led directly to MISys' front door. In competitive markets served by resellers, a prospect is likely to shop around, contacting multiple resellers just to see where they can get the best deal.

The reality is that any MISys sales opportunity has come to us directly and through at least one, usually multiple resellers. So the question is: Who's lead is it anyway?

At MISys we are determined to treat our partners fairly and honestly, so we have developed a sales lead registration system that protects resellers from encroachment by others (including ourselves). Each sales lead gets a date/time stamp that clearly identifies who registered the lead first, clearly establishing ownership. Once that ownership is established, it is always honored (unless the reseller informs us otherwise).

When a reseller registers a sales lead, they accept or decline assistance from a MISys salesperson. If they decline, the reseller receives their full commission when the sales closes. If they accept sales assistance, their commission is marginally reduced. Interestingly, the majority of leads registered accept expert sales assistance.

If you are a software reseller and have a sales lead for MISys, please register it now at so you will be fully protected.

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